Teachers & Staff

Senior Management:

Steffi Petch: Deputy Head and English teacher

After completing a Master’s degree in Modern Languages at Oxford University, Stephanie spent a couple of years working in business in London before moving to Belgium where she has pursued a career in education. She spent 12 years at the Catholic University of Louvain where she completed a Master’s degree in Linguistics and taught in the English Linguistics department. After this she moved to an International School where she taught English for 15 years and worked as Head of English for six. She has also worked as a translator and text editor.

Harriet Gibson: Academic Advisor, English teacher

Harriet was born in London and studied for her first degree, in English & Educational Psychology, at London University. In her late 40’s, she gained a MA in Education as well as a diploma in Special Needs. After teaching briefly in London she came to Belgium 40 years ago. Here she taught privately before running the English department at Ecole Internationale Le Verseau for 25 years, taking a year out in 2005 to run a charity devoted to helping children with learning difficulties find appropriate help and back up in Belgium. She retired from Le Verseau 6 years ago but can’t stay out of the classroom (!) so she is now not only teaching again but enjoying helping Musica Mundi School in its early stages.  

Staff members:

Naguissa Bostaille: science teacher

Naguissa has a Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology from ULB.

Her research for her Ph.D in 2017 focussed  on neurovascular development which she followed with a short post-doctoral research post  in the Laboratory of Neurovascular Signaling.  

Some of the results have been published in different scientific journals, such as  Science.

David Baltuch:  music history and music literature teacher

David is a pianist, conductor, composer and pedagogue. He studied in Belgium, France and the UK. He achieved a PhD from the Birmingham Conservatory on a thesis about orchestral conducting. His wide background leads him to perform works from Baroque to contemporary music, jazz and avant-garde. David has performed in many European countries, the USA and Israel. As a pedagogue, he taught piano, harmony and music analysis in several Belgian music academies, and was the Director of the Music Academy in Farciennes for 23 years.


Kate Morrison: history & global perspectives teacher

Kate grew up in Canada, New Zealand and Scotland and has lived in Luxembourg and Belgium in the last 10 years. She is a qualified secondary school teacher (UK) and has taught the CAIE curriculum in History, English, Global Perspectives as well as EAL, Drama and worked in school leadership. She has also worked in the non-profit sector and co-founded a Belgian non-profit that promotes citizenship education. In spare time Kate enjoys yoga, hiking, gardening, writing and spending time with family.


Jan Van Landeghem: Music theory teacher

Jan Van Landeghem is a composer as well as an organ, harpsichord and piano player.

He was a professor at Brussels Royal Conservatory and Director of Bornem Music Academy. He has composed more than 300 works, won several national and international composition-awards, and performed worldwide as a solo player and in chamber music formations. Recently he achieved a PhD in Arts. www.janvanlandeghem.be

Paul Anthony Motwani: maths teacher

Paul was the World Under-17 Chess Champion, and the youngest-ever Scottish Chess Champion, at age 16 in 1978. He later became Scotland’s first-ever International Grandmaster, and also successfully wrote and published five chess books. ‘Mr. Mo’ is now even happier to be a Christian family man and the Mathematics teacher at Musica Mundi School, Waterloo. His keen, puzzle-loving students could spot and remember that oh memory plus and employs humor are anagrams of Mr. Mo helps you!

Julia Weisbrich: German teacher

Julia has an MA in from the University of Bremen where she specialised in English & Arts in secondary education.   Following her MA from University of Bremen  in English, Arts and Pedagogy, Julia then studied costume design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.    She is a qualified teacher and works as a teacher and costume designer spending her time between Berlin and Brussels.  Julia has three daughters.

Marie-Pascale Peeters: French teacher, housemother

After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels Marie-Pascale qualified as a teacher.  She then left Belgium to settle in the south of France where she gained a diploma in teaching French as a foreign language, as well as becoming a certified riding instructor.

In 2014 and 2015 she worked as a housemother at a boarding school in Seine et Marne (France) and subsequently, for the last three years, she taught Arts in middle school while studying for, and obtaining, a Master of Education from Perpignan University in France.


Veva Van de Sompele: administrative assistant

Veva completed a Masters in Music Pedagogy at Lemmensinstituut Leuven and has been a music teacher and conductor of both child and adult choirs in a Music academy.

Over the last twenty years she has worked at an International school as an assistant accountant, curriculum music teacher and administrative assistant in the Visual and Performing Arts department.


In 2014 and 2015 she worked as a housemother at a boarding school in Seine et Marne (France) and subsequently, for the last three years, she taught Arts in middle school while studying for, and obtaining, a Master of Education from Perpignan University in France.


Frédéric Gayot: housefather, conciërge

Frédéric is originally from France, Brittany. He achieved his Baccalauréat in 1989, and afterwards became a specialist in dental prostheses, a profession he practiced in Belgium until 1999.
From then until 2017 he was part of the religious community that lived the monastery of Fichermont until that date. Since 2017 he has been a Musica Mundi School staff member.  

Besides being housefather and conciërge, in his spare time Frédéric is a real nature lover.


Christophe Gillian: visual communication

Christophe has a degree in marketing and communication.   In 2009, after 17 years as a graphic designer and creative director in different communication agencies, he founded his own company, Studio89. 
Since 1998, when he met Hagit and Leonid Kerbel, International Musica Mundi Course and Festival founders, he started collaborating with them to assist with  Festival communications and promotion.   As this collaboration became stronger friendship and business became intertwined,  and in 2017 Christophe became part of the Musica Mundi School project and took its communication under his wing.


Patrick Vandenbergh: chief-cook

Patrick studied hotel & catering at  CERIA in Anderlecht and has been working in the catering sector for the past 30 years.   After working for large companies, in 2002 he decided to start his own business specialising in school meals and school events.   He became involved with Musica Mundi 15 years ago, in the beginning organising food for the Festival and he is now responsible for running  the  kitchen in Musica Mundi School.