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To support the Musica Mundi school , we opened a specific programme for



We would like to invite you to join us in this unique endeavor which will create an enduring link, through generations, between the Musica Mundi School and your family, your company, your foundation.

As Founding Member, you will support the Musica Mundi School with your values and your achievements. You will connect your name to a great project of international dimension. You will offer resources for the education of young talents, giving them the best opportunity to develop their potential. You will make a difference here and now. And you will leave a lasting legacy in the world of classical music, which will matter for a long time.

Unless you prefer differently, we will give your name to the room you choose to fund and a memorial plaque will record your support. We will develop with you and for you specific advantages adapted to your needs –private events in the school premises,

concerts, conferences, visits for your guests, master classes of great artists and, of course, permanent invitations for you and your guests to all Musica Mundi events, including our summer festival.

The donation programme covers scholarship awards, bedrooms and recreation room for students, concert halls for orchestra and for chamber music, classrooms, rehearsal rooms and other public areas such as the library or the dining room.

We will be happy to organize a private visit of the premises whenever this is convenient for you.

Please find attached the support dossier in PDF

For more information, contact Musica Mundi School Co-Founder,

Mrs. Hagit Hassid Kerbel
Telephone: +32 (0) 495 200 595


IBAN Account number: BE93 7320 4448 5867


Bank address:
CBC Banque
Agence de Waterloo Office Park
Dréve Richelle 159
1410 Waterloo, Belgium