NEW – Musica Mundi Art Book !

Thanks to our board of directors’ member, Dan Arnet, in collaboration with course and festival photographer, Charles Chojnacki, a breathtaking art book has been printed about Musica Mundi and its story.
The book features a wealth of wonderful photos taken at the most unexpected times and places by this extremely talented photographer. Scattered among these photos you will find a collection of truly uplifting and touching quotations that Dan Arnet has gathered over the last three years during the instrumental lessons and master classes he has attended at school and during our summer programme.

If you wish to purchase a book for yourself and/or give your friends a very special and unique gift,  please know that this art book will be on sale at all Musica Mundi official and private concerts. Alternatively, you may write to for information on ordering books directly from the school office.

All profits from this sale will go directly to supporting the school ! Warm gratitude to Dan and Charles for this extraordinary initiative !!