Maxim Vengerov

Violonist and Ambassador of Musica Mundi School

As a violin performer and conductor, I strongly believe that the very first steps in a person’s musical education are the most crucial!

My own experience has convinced me that it is essential to absorb the right motor and musical reflexes at the earliest possible age. By starting at an early age, young artists are in a better position to reach the highest levels of musical artistry and better able to go further on the journey towards an enriching musical future!

It is very difficult to find places in the world which offer access to truly high-quality musical education for young artists. This is why, when I was introduced to Musica Mundi School, I was so enthusiastic about the way music is integrated into the lives of the young artists. Rather than focusing primarily on career-making or other mainstream tendencies, Musica Mundi School places strong emphasis on the artistic, cultural and personal development of each of its young artists!

This kind of approach is so close to my heart because I have come to realize the fundamental role it plays in enabling the young artist to develop fully as a musician and artist throughout their life.

Love and respect towards music and the unceasing ambition to know and understand more are the core values underpinning quality musical education.

The unique approach taken by Musica Mundi School is what inspired me to become the GOODWILL AMBASSADOR for the school!