Fees for Academic Year 2023/2024

Practical Information :

Fees are payable in advance at the beginning of each term.

Fees cover:

Boarding Room Category A – All lessons, master classes, full board, Room Category A

Boarding Room Category B – All lessons, master classes, full board, Room Category B

Day students (no housing) – All lessons, master classes, lunch

School material, books, scores, excursions, trips, laundry costs… are to be paid extra by the parents.


To support talent, and talent alone, it is essential to overcome financial barriers. Families will contribute to their child’s education in accordance with their means. Scholarships will be made available thanks to generous donors.

Parents who wish to apply to a scholarship will need to communicate their annual gross family income and state how much of the total amount of the tuition they will be able to cover by themselves. A special scholarship committee will study their special needs and reach a decision.

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The fees for an academic year are :

Boarding Room Category A


Boarding Room Category B


Day students (No housing)



Boarding Room Category A


Boarding Room Category B


Day students (No housing)