Musica Mundi School

This form should be completed and signed by the parent/s or guardian of the student seeking admission and should be sent by e-mail to together with :

1. non-refundable application fee of 50 Euros transferred to the Musica Mundi School bank account. All bank charges to be borne by the sender. Musica Mundi School Bank account details: 

IBAN Account number: BE93 7320 4448 5867

Bank address:
CBC Banque
Agence de Waterloo Office Park
Dréve Richelle 159
1410 Waterloo, Belgium

2. Written and signed recommendation letter from the applicant’s current instrumental teacher.

3. Motivation letter (= a short letter written by the applicant with/without the help of his parent/guardian/teacher that explains what motivates the student to choose a musical path and apply to the Musica Mundi School)

4. Copy of passport

5. Recent passport photo (and, if in possession, artistic photo)

6. Recent YouTube link with visual recording (recorded maximum 6 months before the application date). The visual recording should include 2 contrasting pieces from different periods. Max 20 min.

A. personal details - Student
First Name: Surname:
Date of birth: / /
Gender: F M
Mother tongue:
Other languages:
Post Code: City:
Home phone number: Mobile phone number:
In possession of health insurance:     Yes No
Current School
Name of Headmaster:
School address:
School e-mail address:
School telephone:
Father’s full name:

Occupation and place of work

E-mail address:
Telephone number:
Mother’s full name:

Occupation and place of work:

E-mail address:

Telephone number:

Family situation:married divorcedcohabitationother

Main e-mail address for any correspondence:


B. Musical education

Main instrument:
Started at age:

Name of teacher/s and music school/s:

Second instrument:
Started at age:

Name of teacher/s and music school/s:



Solo performance:


Chamber music:


Master classes:


Latest repertoire studied:




Theoretical studies (if any) - years of study and subjects ( theory, harmony, ear training…) 

C. English language assessment - to be completed ONLY by students for whom English is NOT their mother tongue.

Mother tongue:

Please tick the one sentence that best describes your knowledge of English:

* I can only speak a few words of English:

Read: Yes No Write: Yes No

* I can use simple language in everyday life but with difficulties.

Read: Yes No Write: Yes No

* I can communicate quite well but with mistakes.

Read: Yes No Write: Yes No

* I communicate fluently in English.

Read: Yes No Write: Yes No


I/We the undersigned apply for the student named above to be considered as a candidate to the Musica Mundi School. All those with parental responsibility have signed this application. There are no court orders in force which would prevent the student named above from joining the Musica Mundi School.

I/We certify that we read all the information stipulated in this document and that the information given in this entire application form is true.

I/We understand that the Musica Mundi School may decide during school year about changes in its terms and conditions.

First Signature
Full name
Relationship to student

Second Signature
Full name
Relationship to student