The vast majority of Most of the young talents the School and the Festival welcome have few or no financial resources and are accepted with partial or full scholarships, thanks also to sponsors and private patrons. The young talents are selected based upon their talent, motivation and potential, regardless their financial background and each young musician who needs and deserves support has received it. This has been from the beginning, and still is, our biggest contribution in terms of social responsibility!

We have brought our musical and educational experience to foster the development of teachers and young musicians in countries such as China, Chioli, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan.

Last but not least, our young talents give several performances every year in order to collect funds for charity, such as fundations helping research against cancer, social charities, Amade foundation (World Associatons of children’s friends committed to the protection and development of children throughout the world),…

Our young talents perform also in front of our elderly in retirement homes and in front of people suffering from illness such as Alzheimer.

es jeunes talents se produisent en outre régulièrement dans des homes de personnes âgées ou devant des personnes malades d’Alzheimer (les jardins de la mémoire).

The involvment of the Musica Mundi School in those social activities is a key element in the development of our young talents as musicians and responsible citizens of the world.