Academic Studies

All students who come to Music Mundi School do so with an intention of pursuing music beyond secondary school, however one of the key missions of the school is to ensure that all students leave the school with academic qualifications which will enable them to take a different path should they subsequently want to do so. Accordingly, all students follow a comprehensive course of academic study. 

By the end of their time at the school, most students will have obtained external Cambridge International secondary school qualifications at IGCSE (typically 7 subjects including Maths, English, German/French, Science, Music, History and Global Perspectives) and A level (typically three subjects, one of which will be Music).

Being a small school, we are able to adapt study programmes to the needs and stage of development of individual students. In general, class sizes currently do not exceed 10 students and some are much smaller, particularly at A level.  A minimum of two students is required to run any A Level programme. 

Find here 2 examples of study programmes, one at IGCSE level (year 11, age 15/16) and one at A level (year 12, age 16/17)

Students who come to the school with only limited English benefit from extra hours in English as a Foreign Language to help them integrate into the main study programme. 

There is an academic library where students can work in their free periods and where they can borrow books. Each day (Monday-Thursday), a supervised study hour is organised between 16.00 and 17.00. 

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