This closing night of the 24th "summer festival" was simply fabulous. Dominique and I were transported to another world during the whole show. The commitment of all these young talents is heartwarming. We want to thank you and your husband for all that you do to promote music but also brotherhood and the search for excellence among young people. We also think of all the team that surrounds you, teachers, collaborators, students and we forget some, to send them our warmest congratulations. We wish you an excellent vacation and look forward to seeing you again in the autumn.

Dominique et Philippe

Naomi made a great experience with these two weeks of Musica Mundi festival and course: the musicians she met, the chamber music she did and the many hours of concerts she attended, the friendships she started with like-minded young musicians.... She really immersed into the world of chamber music and this in a very pleasant way, so thank you so much for everything! We wish you restful holidays and look forward to seeing you 'à la rentrée'!

Bea and Wahid

Dear Hagit and Dear Leonid, Once again, I'm blown away by the students' talent and the quality of tonight's concert. One thing that struck me more than before is how the students' personalities crystalise and every one of them finds their own personal path. This is the best possible compliment for a school that doesn't try to reproduce a model but to create new ones. Bravi, both of you, for that. Big hugs


Dear Hagit and Leonid Musica Mundi is a miracle led by a couple of magicians I admire you and am ready to fulfill any mission for you. It is an honor (and this is not a way of speaking) Good night full of stars Dan PS And we saw dozens of stars on stage tonight ...


Hello Hagit, Thank you again for the wonderful evenings I had the chance to attend. It was once again fabulous both the artists (Menahem Presler so moving) and the students who are more and more successful each year. Thank you again for all this. I was also very happy to hear Liav who is more and more confident and masterful. I would like to take this opportunity to ask you for the account number to which we can contribute to Kalya's scholarship. I send you and Leonid a big kiss and hope to see you again soon.


dear friends, What to say!!!!! Each year you exceed all the heights and all the hopes... Flipping through the album of your 20 years, we always see the youth, the faith that lifts mountains, the energy and generosity. Thank you for associating us with it. Congratulations for this success which announces new years full of crazy projects .... friends

Baudouin et Christine

I was waiting for the festival to be over to write you. I sincerely wanted to thank you for having welcomed me within the walls of the Lido (for the last time), in your office and within the festival. You can't imagine how much it boosted my morale to find again the smells, the sensations, the faces, the smiles... to see that people and personalities like you, Leonid, Liav, Geoffroy, Rachel, Charly, Stephane, Mr. Perlin, Yann, Christophe, Patrick, Mrs. Nedvesky... didn't forget me and remember my first name .... Musica Mundi is forever in my head, my heart, my guts.... That touched me all the more in this long difficult and not always colored period... So again a huge thank you for all this. But I am also a bit frustrated to have not been able to enjoy you anymore and to have not been able to talk to you... I hope with all my heart to be able to do it very soon ..... I wish you all the courage possible for the future opening of the school and my best wishes for success... I give you a big hug and very friendly and affectionate...


A very big thank you for this wonderful concert on Monday! A special moment greatly appreciated 🙏🙏 And congrats on the school growing to so many students! Congratulations on this great achievement and to your hard work and your teams.


Dear Hagit and Leonid, Bravo and thank you for this beautiful musical evening. Once again, a superb repertoire and a magnificent interpretation. An evening of pure musical happiness. We look forward to meeting again and sharing our love of music. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a beautiful year 2021. Good continuation, Daniel and Martine

Daniel et Martine

Dear Hagit, thank you for bringing Nobuyuki Tsujii to us yesterday. It was a very moving moment for all of us and a great way to make Musica Mundi known, especially after Sokolov. Musica Mundi is more than ever in the big league. Nowadays, if we type Nobuyuki Tsujii on the Internet, after Wikipedia there is Musica Mundi, then the Théâtre des Champs Elysées and Saint Petersburg. Congratulations to you and Leonid. I'm coming tomorrow, but exceptionally could I come with a friend and Marcel and Gisèle Croes? If it is not possible, don't worry, it is not a problem. On Sunday I will come alone. I send you a big kiss.


Dear Hagit and Leonid, I feel immensely grateful and truly blessed for being able to witness the last Musica Mundi course at the Lido-home. I do remember the only right answer to Leonid´s question he posed at the All Camp Meeting. And I will never forget it. I was just too shy (=too Finnish) to shout it out-loud in front of yet new to me people. We - students of Musica Mundi - are here to make each other happy. In practice rooms, at the dinner table, on shared stage.. After Musica Mundi moves to the new place, one era of the course will come to its glorious end. Let me thank you for making countless of young musicians to discover new enchanting horizons. Thank you so much for being there for us and with us. Yours sincerely,


" Congratulations for such a wonderful concert yesterday! FABULOUS! My grandson and I were thrilled! Chantal and I left in a hurry because the kids were tired and had to go to school today. I thought we would pass a "hat" for everyone to contribute to this beautiful concert. I didn't see anything and Chantal told me that she paid by bank transfer. Can you tell me how much I owe you and give me your bank details? Thank you for your help! Merry Christmas and happy 2020full of projects again! "


My name is mira ranen. My son, Roi, Participated in the 19th edition of Musica Mundi course. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this tremendous experience. My entire family (including Roi's grandmother) flew to Genval to take part in the festival's last three days. I was speechless as i witnessed the incredible organization, together with the great atmosphere you were able to create. Roi came back with a lot of enthusiasm, new knowledge and great friends. have a pleasant summer, hope to see you in later editions.


Dear Hagit and Leonid, Thank you both for the moments of happiness that you made us live throughout this festival. You aim and achieve excellence. Thank you to the talented students for enchanting and moving us every time: it was magic! We are very happy to support your ambitious and beautiful project and try to make new followers. We are looking forward to the next concerts at the school. Until then, we wish you all a well-deserved vacation.

Annie and Jacques

Dear Hagit, dear Leonid, My wife and I have followed via Youtube the very nice concert of the young artists in residential training in Genval, concert given on Saturday evening in the beautiful gala hall of Fichermont. We would like to congratulate you warmly. You have allowed these young people to show us their very promising talents as musicians, in a superbly decorated setting and in beautiful gala outfits! The audience was numerous and the applause was great. Well done. And last Tuesday or Wednesday, my wife heard Hagit tell on Musiq 3 about the beautiful meeting between Musica Mundi and the Archbishopric of Malines-Brussels. It was very nice to hear it again, my wife told me. In short, nothing but praise. Rest now after such beautiful results! Kind regards, and bravo for all that you do for music and youth! Patrick.


Bravo, Bravo to you Hagit and to you Leonid. The magic has worked once again ....... What a joy to be part of this family that brings us so much joy and happiness ........ What more could we wish for ..... A school that will teach love, joy, sharing, harmony.......Long life to this adventure that awaits us.......Hagit, who is Dan and Fabienne..........? Kiss the children from us and wish them a good trip.......Specialy kiss my Krystina......I kiss you and Bravo to our fairy Hagit


Sassa Teodoro
Sassa Teodoro
Cette école est un lieu pour jeunes génies de la musique, magnifique!
Sami Saad
Sami Saad
Unbelievable young talents, so much happiness