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A School, unique in Central and Western Europe, and among a few in the world, that offers young musicians aged 10 to 18 the opportunity to simultaneously and harmoniously receive a general education and a professional musical education, both of high quality, irrespective of their financial situation.

A School with the Mission to develop the musical and human potential of young talents from all over the world, by putting them in direct contact with each other and with today’s great pedagogues and artists.

A School with values of Excellence, Perseverance, Dedication, Social Equality, Friendship

This is what Musica Mundi School is all about. Welcome to our dream come true!

A word from Musica Mundi School’s Ambassador – Mr. Maxim Vengerov​

Travelling around the world, meeting exceptional young musicians from all over the planet, I felt the urgent need to support these talents with the utmost professionalism and the highest human values, in order to help them to reach the summit of their own being!​

During the concert tours, one of my most important encounters was the Musica Mundi International chamber music course and Festival.​

Instantly, I felt that the idea of this exceptional educational programme should be developed into a permanent institution as a complementary asset to the annual two week course and Festival. The idea – to bring young talents from all over the world and develop them not only as fine artists but also fine human beings! An ambition that today, unfortunately, is too often overlooked.

I am very happy that Musica Mundi reached the stage of creating MUSICA MUNDI SCHOOL and eager to support this vital project by being the GOOD WILL AMBASSADOR!!!​

Myself, and many other of my soloist colleagues, are looking forward to contributing to shaping the future generation of musicians helped and supported by Musica Mundi School!!!

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A word from the founders​

Musica Mundi School. A dream that became a reality.

For many years, we, the founders of the Musica Mundi Course and Festival believed our mission to develop the musical and human potential of young talents from all over the world should go even further.

In the years prior to the school’s creation, we observed hundreds of young talents who could have benefitted enormously from an institution that combined harmoniously their musical and general education, permitting them to benefit from both and pursue them to the highest level.

We decided to make it our mission to create such an institution, but it took numerous years before our dream could be fulfilled.

Musica Mundi School opened its doors in September 2018. In our first year of existence, we welcomed 25 students from 13 different countries and in the following years, the number of students increased steadily.

Students benefit from the parallel educational programme and flourish in both.

No more need to make choices, no more place for compromises!

Musica Mundi School is providing exactly what these wonderful young people need and we are proud of them and their achievements!

Hagit Kerbel (View Resume) & Leonid Kerbel (View Resume)

Latest News

SOLO CONCERT October 25th 2023 

Another school year has begun and with it, naturally, the school’s official concerts. The first one will present Musica Mundi School’s young musicians’ solo repertoire.

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