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International Primary and Secondary School for Professional Musical Education and General Studies


Founders’ Message

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Musica Mundi School. A dream that became a reality.

For many years, we, the founders of the Musica Mundi Course and Festival believed our mission to develop the musical and human potential of young talents from all over the world should go even further.

In the years prior to the school’s creation, we observed hundreds of young talents who could have benefitted enormously from an institution that combined harmoniously their musical and general education, permitting them to benefit from both and pursue them to the highest level.

We decided to make it our mission to create such an institution, but it took numerous years before our dream could be fulfilled.

Musica Mundi School opened its doors in September 2018. In our first year of existence, we welcomed 25 students from 13 different countries and in the following years, number of students increased steadily. 

Students benefit from the parallel educational program and flourish in both. 

No more need to make choices, no more place for compromises!

Musica Mundi School is providing exactly what these wonderful young people need and we are proud of them and their achievements!

–  Hagit Kerbel (View Resume) & Leonid Kerbel (View Resume)

Ambassador’s Message

A word from Musica Mundi School’s Ambassador – Mr. Maxim Vengerov

Travelling around the world, meeting young exceptional musicians from all over the planet, I felt the urgent need in supporting these talents with the outmost professionalism and the highest human values, in order to help them to reach the summit of their own being!

During the concert tours, one of my most important encounters was the Musica Mundi International chamber music course and Festival.

Instantly, I felt that the idea of this exceptional educational program must grow to a permanent institution as a complementary asset to the punctual two weeks course and Festival. The idea of bringing young talents from all over the world and develop them towards being not only fine artists but also fine human beings! Something that today, unfortunately, is not spoken very often.

I am very happy, that Musica Mundi reached the stage of creating the MUSICA MUNDI SCHOOL and eager to support this vital project by being the GOOD WILL AMBASSADOR!!!

Myself, and many other of my colleagues soloists, are looking forward to contribute for shaping the future generation of musicians helped and supported by Musica Mundi School!!!

– Maxim Vengerov (View Resume

Maxim Vengerov launches his online lessons and masterclasses

In an inaugural concert, taking place on January 14th at 3pm CET, Maxim Vengerov will launch his online lessons and masterclass series.

The Musica Mundi School is one of the main partners in this project.
To Watch, enter the website !

Headmaster’s Message

A warm welcome is what I have for each and everyone that is admitted to this special school. It is a place of making music, learning how to make the best of your talents, develop the necessary skills, attitudes and creativity a great artist possesses, all in order to become one yourself. This school is the place that takes care of its pupils in a very dedicated way, the place in which the health and nourishing of body and artistic soul take a central position. It is the whole staff’s and my personal wish and goal that our pupils at the same time learn what the artist in them needs, and be happy human beings. – Herman De Vleeschhouwer (View Resume)

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Musica Mundi in a few words…

Musica Mundi COURSE & FESTIVAL … since 1999

The mission of Musica Mundi is to develop the musical and human potential of young talents from all over the world. 

Driven by this philosophy, every summer for for more than 2 decades Musica Mundi holds an international chamber music course and festival for young musicians aged 10 to 20. Each year, the course is attended by some 70 participants from all corners of the world.

Musica Mundi is aware that many talented young musicians come from underprivileged backgrounds and countries and as such do not have access to programs of a similar nature. This is why Musica Mundi believes helping them is a priority. In practice approximately ninety percent of the talented young musicians attending the course over recent years received full grants covering tuition fees and accommodation costs. In some cases their travelling expenses are also met.

The Musica Mundi Festival is an integral part of the course. This is why the choice of the Artists is vital to complete the educational target. 

Among the artists who are already members of the big Musica Mundi family: Ivry Gitlis, Maxim Vengerov, Yvgeny Kissin, Nikolai Luganski, Mischa Maisky, Joshua Bell, Menahem Pressler, Nicholas Angelich, Gidon Kremer, Martha Argerich, Steven Isserlis, The King’s Singers, Jordi Savall, Fazil Say… 

In summer 2001, His Majesty King Philippe honoured Musica Mundi with a visit. In 2003, 2008, 2013 and 2018 Her Majesty Queen Mathilde granted Musica Mundi her High Patronage and in 2011 visited herself the course together with Princess Elisabeth.

Musica Mundi was since its creation a source of inspiration for many journalists and media partners. In summer 2013 a full length documentary was filmed by the RTBF and the VRT and broadcasted all over the world. 

MEZZO TV, RTBF, VRT, L’ECHO, LA LIBRE, L’EVENTAIL, LE SOIR, TV COM, BOZAR, MUSIQ’3, KLARA and others are all faithful partners of Musica Mundi since its creation.

Musica Mundi could not exist without the generous support of private patrons, foundations and public and private companies. Martin’s Hotels, La Loterie Nationale, Delen Private Bank, Robus Foundation, GBL, TOTAL, Piano’s Maene, Chemitex, Axis Parc, Fond Baillet Latour, Fee Foundation, Fonds Jean Praet, Anade Foundation, Celio, Eastbridge, Goldwasser Foundation, Rotary Atomnium, EJC, Alvo – to name but a few… These faithful friends are key to our success – a success now well recognized.

   musicamundi.courseandfestival    Musica Mundi Studio

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Thanks to the dedication of its two founders, Musica Mundi has grown over the years into a dynamic community of first class international performers, of faithful alumni, of generous patrons and partners – all very much attached to the values of Musica Mundi.

This network – the Musica Mundi Family, as we call it –is a very strong asset for the development of the Musica Mundi School.


Musica Mundi School – Aiming high, moving forward 

With the increasing success of the course and festival over these last 2 decades, and through numerous encounters with musicians from all over the world, the co-founders of Musica Mundi have grown increasingly aware of the urgent need to offer young talents a structure where they can receive, at the same time, and in a harmonious manner, high-quality musical and general educations.  Hence the Musica Mundi School – a primary and secondary school for young musicians.

There are very few schools in the world offering an education comparable to that which Musica Mundi provides – mostly in Eastern Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom.

Like the Course & Festival, the mission of Musica Mundi School (MMS) is to develop the musical and human potential of young talents from all over the world, exposing them to a wide range of cultures and teaching methods, giving them access to an in-depth understanding of the different facets of music and in tandem, providing them together with a high quality programme of general education.  

This takes place in a nurturing atmosphere of mutual respect and dialogue intended to support the development in these young people of an attitude of care, trust and respect within the school and wider communities.

In addition, MMS aims to become a stimulus for artistic activity, offering itself as a centre of musical excellence to the local and global community

From the outset, students will receive intensive individual instrumental training in parallel to class lessons in music and general education.  These two branches of the students’ education are:

  • integrated, so as to ensure that the young musicians’ personalities develop in a harmonious and balanced way.
  • given regardless of their socio-cultural origins and financial situation.
  • designed to equip students with the skills and attitudes they will need to excel when pursuing their advanced musical education and/or careers.
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Excellence in teaching

Teaching young talented musicians requires specific skills which the founders of Musica Mundi have acquired through more than twenty-five years of experience in teaching.

Young musicians generally achieve results at school that are above average, because of their increased ability to concentrate and the discipline they have acquired from learning music.  For such talented pupils, excellence is usually what they aim for and is the primary source of their motivation.

The Musica Mundi School will be deliberately limited to 70 students, so that it provides individual, personalized teaching. Pupils are auditioned and are accepted on the basis of their merits.

To support talent, and talent alone, it is essential to overcome financial barriers.  Families contribute to their child’s education in accordance with their means. Scholarships are available thanks to generous donors.

Students are encouraged to live in the school. The Musica Mundi School is serviced and supervised by adequate staff, covering musical direction, general education, administration, finances, public relations and general support, including security.

The school, uses English as its vehicular language and offers a complete general education from the 5th primary year to the 6th secondary year. The school follows the Cambridge International Examinations program and qualifications, and delivers a high school diploma certified by Cambridge.

The Musica Mundi School is the only “ALL STEINWAY SCHOOL” in Belgium and in the surrounding countries, providing its young talents with these majestic pianos giving them excellent practicing and performing conditions.

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In music, this means finding the specific strengths of each young musician, whether as a soloist, or for chamber music, composition, etc.

This means harnessing the educational power of chamber music, which requires musicians to be flexible and to listen to other musicians with care and respect.

This means regularly bringing in the best master pedagogues from all over the world and giving each student a chance to work with them individually, in addition to daily teaching and masterclasses by guest artists.

In general education, this means recruiting high-quality and dedicated teachers, who understand what is needed for the development of young musicians.

Creating a challenging and exciting educational programme designed to enable students to become the driving force behind their own learning, to develop critical thinking skills, as well as a global perspective on the world and acquire the enthusiasm for learning which will make them lifelong learners. 

Enabling students who do not choose music as a career to move successfully into an appropriate path of further education.

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To support talent, and talent alone, it is essential to overcome financial barriers. Families will contribute to their child’s education in accordance with their means. Scholarships will be made available thanks to generous donors.

The Musica Mundi School will be deliberately limited to 70 students, so that it will always be able to provide individual and personalized teaching. Pupils are auditioned and accepted on the basis of their merits.


Thanks to its players, who play responsibly and for small amounts, the Belgian National Lottery can pay out a substantial part of its income to society in the form of subsidies for projects and organizations of a scientific, sporting, social nature and/or cultural, as the acoustic transformations of the Musica Mundi School.

With the support of

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